Blog 1 | Deals On Autopilot

You and I can both agree the headline is a bit exaggerated, but that doesn’t imply it isn’t true.

In fact, "Closing Deals On Autopilot", is really a thing now.

But beside the point...

When most agents come to us, they're door knocking, cold-calling, begging for referrals & spending thousands on mailers.

Basically wasting their time and money quite well.

Now... Most agents won't agree with me.

Most have actually built decent careers using this model.

And that's totally fine.

In fact:

Door knocking does work.

Cold calling does work.

Blog 2 | Why Blogging Your Life On Camera Won't Help You Close Deals

"Hey guys, I'm just at my open house right now at 12345 Helen Crescent"

This is what most agents do.

In fact...

They think by doing this, they'll somehow waive a magic wand and get prospects reaching out to them consistently...

Asking them to meet up...

or grab a coffee...

or giving them a referral...

That's what happened to almost no agent ever.

(Yes, sorry for being harsh.

Facebook is a social media marketing company.

Yes Google it. Their best interest is not your friends and family.

Blog 3 | "I Don't Have Time To Generate My Own Leads"

We’ve already had over way too many people take advantage of the special deal we put together for Samwhere Online. Which is exciting!

And at the same time, we’ve also received lots of excellent questions about Samwhere Online and how it works.

If there’s one thing we believe, it’s that you should do research before you invest in any new program. We want you to do your research, and be confident in your decision to buy.

And we believe in providing you with totally transparent information to help you decide whether or not this program is right for you. So we’ve answered a bunch of the most common questions below.

By far, the most common question we received was this:

"Will Samwhere Online work if I’m not tech savvy?"

Oh, heck yes. All you need is the ability to close deals, our CRM takes care of everything else.

Blog 4 | Some Mindset For A Change


**The reptilian brain is a powerful structure.🧠**

It has the ability to hold you back or propel you to new levels.

What does reptilian mean?

As a former Biology undergraduate, the Reptilian brain controls the body's vital functions such as heart rate, breathing, body temperature and balance.

So what does this mean?

Your brain will do everything within it’s power to keep you normal.

If you are on a path of growth and wellness, your brain will literally add anxiety, depression and doubt into your life just to keep everything normal.

Blog 5 | Referral


That is what the agents are getting inside our Samwhere Online program.

In fact, we're so confident in our processes that we've attached screenshots of CURRENT agents inside our program to show you our success rate.

No more paying thousands monthly to lead companies who trap you in long term contracts.

No more cold calling online leads your brokerage provides.

Let us remove the unpredictability from your business and help you scale.

But one thing: Our program costs money.

Seems obvious no?

Blog 6 | Copywriting In Real Estate

How copywriting can increase your Real Estate business 10X...

Looking at the past, many of the greater copywriters helped sell 100's of MILLIONS by simply writing upon paper.


No funnels

No retargeting

No email campaigns

All writing.

Looking at this was what triggered me to really dial in on copy.

Another awesome example I picked up was P90X and how a simple muscle building workout machine revolutionized the fitness industry.

As a real estate agent, it is crucial your branding aligns with your ideal client.

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