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Blog 1 | Deals On Autopilot

September 06, 20225 min read

You and I can both agree the headline is a bit exaggerated, but that doesn’t imply it isn’t true.

In fact, "Closing Deals On Autopilot", is really a thing now.

But beside the point...

When most agents come to us, they're door knocking, cold-calling, begging for referrals & spending thousands on mailers.

Basically wasting their time and money quite well.

Now... Most agents won't agree with me.

Most have actually built decent careers using this model.

And that's totally fine.

In fact:

Door knocking does work.

Cold calling does work.

Direct Mail does work.

but not to the extent it used to.

These models worked well 10+ years ago.

When "digital door knocking" wasn't a thing.

Now it is and agents that are using it effectively are leaving others in the dust.

But no one deny the fact that one of the most influential and succesfull celebrity real estate

agents has built his fortune using paid ads and loads of marketing.

His name is Ryan Serhant.

He has millions of followers.

Drives supercars.

Is a celebrity.

Basically, he's a well off dude.

And before I begin, I must insist on you, to please pick up his book:

Sell it like Serhant.

It’s truly a Business Masterpiece, self written by a Business & Real Estate Titan.

→ Key Lesson:

You could only learn so much from books and courses, the most fruitful knowledge you’ll ever

accumulate is by observing and imitating your successful direct/indirect competitors.

Here's what I mean...

Ryan Serhant may or may not be your competitor.

He may in fact, be a mentor.

Most agents want to be like him.

They want to make millions.


Written by Sam Spijkerman

It's the reason why so many agents even decide that real estate is a career they want to pursue.

Because it is in fact doable.

But most agent just don't know how. And this is why the attrition rate is

SO High within the industry.

But getting back to it, if you want to be like Ryan Serhant you have to model him and his


To be Honest, The most rewarding information I ever received was by basically observing the entrepreneur who was selling it,

Things that he wouldn't or couldn’t share with everyone, you could learn it...........just by asking

questions, or just by observing how he was thinking and operating.

I see a lot of agents posting videos of them on their social media about them at an open house,

listing and overall It's become a common trend across the industry with the leading real estate gurus preaching it.

And screaming things like "YOU HAVE to put yourself out there" if you're somehow waving some magic wand to get listings automatically.

Here's the cold hard truth, NOBODY really cares.

It's because the Facebook and Instagram algorithm ONLY shows your posts to less than 3% of your audience.

So now you're left wondering why I'm an idiot.

I don't want to listen to you about what you "think" is the best, I’m more interested in listening to what other agents are doing.

Well... most other agents also aren't making millions. The ones that do have a very strong brand and/or use paid ads and marketing.

I could care less about how many followers I have Or what kind of car I drive, this only makes me even more SKEPTICAL…

I'm just trying to help.


I truly want you to go out and close deals while spending minimal time.

If you want to do it the RIGHT way -- Check this out.

There is a funny story about the owner of Walmart and that even after he was one of the richest

men in America he was caught spying around his competitor, The Price Club, with a little pocket recorder taking notes to use for his Wal-Mart stores.

Sam Walton says: "Once I was in the big Price Club on Marino Avenue in San Diego, and I had my little tape recorder with me—like I always do—and I was making notes to myself about prices and merchandising ideas."

But a big security guard walked up and confiscated his little recorder. Sam had to write his friend who owned The Price Club and promise he wouldn’t spy anymore to get it mailed back to him.

Sam says when he was starting out, "Actually, during this whole early period, Wal-Mart was too small and insignificant for any of the big boys to notice…

That helped me get access to a lot of information about how they were doing things. I probably visited more headquarters offices of more discounters than anybody else—ever.

I learned a lot that way."

So what can you learn about "spying on Serhant"?

To sum it up:

Invest in yourself and your business.

But the smart question you are looking to ask is:

"What is the best way to invest in my business?"

Now, if you want to consistently get 20+ highly-qualified sales appointments with buyers and sellers every single month with high quality leads,

And obtain higher-value clients & retainers for your coaching, consulting, or marketing or

service business without "paid ads", cold emails, or complex sales funnels..

And learn from not just someone who SAYS what to do, but actually DOES IT (for agents, everyday) to pack their calendars full,

Comment “YES” & let's help you scale to $10k-$100k+/month.

At our Headquarters downtown Vancouver, we have a simple philosophy:-

"We only teach what we DO, and DO what we teach"

It's time to get REAL advice you can bank on (literally).

Cheers, To Your Greatness!

Samwhere Online

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Sam Spijkerman

After working with successful agents in the Hamptons NY during his bachelor's degree in Business Analytics, Sam has learned a lot about real estate marketing and was able to observe all the marketing methods out there. After years of testing, Sam has developed a system that could not only replace most lead generation companies but also give you prospects that are interested in the services that you provide as a real estate agent. After Sam got his bachelor's degree in BA, his only focus for the company and his agents were creating long-lasting relationships, building more business, maximizing backend referrals, and not just provide lead generation.

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