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Blog 6 | Copywriting In Real Estate

September 06, 20222 min read

How copywriting can increase your Real Estate business 10X...

Looking at the past, many of the greater copywriters helped sell 100's of MILLIONS by simply writing upon paper.


No funnels

No retargeting

No email campaigns

All writing.

Looking at this was what triggered me to really dial in on copy.

Another awesome example I picked up was P90X and how a simple muscle building workout machine revolutionized the fitness industry.

As a real estate agent, it is crucial your branding aligns with your ideal client.

Generating opportunities is easy but closing is the hard part.


The sale begins the first time they see you online.

If there is no real person behind the content you are putting out...well that explains why they can't see a future working with you.

The problem I see with some agents is that they buy leads which is like 5% of the overall problem here and look to it as the solution to all problems.

Leads is not the problem.

It's you and your branding, positioning and offer.

A quick way of defining your ideal client is to look at previous clients and see what they appeal to.

Then work your Facebook cover photo, daily posts and branding to align with it.

For example: If you only work with millennials, niche down and brand yourself that way. Put out daily content which resonates with that.

Once you define your ideal client, strive to become a market leader.

Put out content the that engages your ideal client.

Advertise to that demographic.

"Become The Rolls Royce" of the industry.

NOTE: A Roll's Royce's price cannot be negotiated.

That should be YOU.

If you are "the millennials realtor", make sure millennials come work with you because they will WANT to come work with you.

Buying leads won't get you to the top.

A strong, healthy brand will.📈

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Sam Spijkerman

After working with successful agents in the Hamptons NY during his bachelor's degree in Business Analytics, Sam has learned a lot about real estate marketing and was able to observe all the marketing methods out there. After years of testing, Sam has developed a system that could not only replace most lead generation companies but also give you prospects that are interested in the services that you provide as a real estate agent. After Sam got his bachelor's degree in BA, his only focus for the company and his agents were creating long-lasting relationships, building more business, maximizing backend referrals, and not just provide lead generation.

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