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Blog 4 | Some Mindset For A Change

September 06, 20222 min read


The reptilian brain is a powerful structure.🧠

It has the ability to hold you back or propel you to new levels.

What does reptilian mean?

As a former Biology undergraduate, the Reptilian brain controls the body's vital functions such as heart rate, breathing, body temperature and balance.

So what does this mean?

Your brain will do everything within it’s power to keep you normal.

If you are on a path of growth and wellness, your brain will literally add anxiety, depression and doubt into your life just to keep everything normal.

It’s hard to realize this, but today isn’t the same as yesterday.

In fact, it’s a new opportunity.

Letting your reptilian brain seize that opportunity and hold you back will do nothing but hold you back.

A quote from a book I read mentioned how people have two lists.

A short one. And a long one.

Let’s put this into context:

A man has these two lists about his wife.

The long one is all the things he dreads about his wife.

The short one is all the things he loves about his life.

Daily, he recites the long one. Or at the very least, remembers things on it.

Now life passes by and before you know it, the wife has died.

Only now he pulls out the short notice to read as a eulogy at her funeral.

So what can we pull from this?

Focus on the short list. Rip and tear the long one.

Think about what’s right in your life as opposed to what’s wrong.

But I get it… sometimes it can be hard to do that.

Especially with all the things you have going on with you, your life and your business.

There’s a small trick I like to use and it’s regarding using mental gimmicks.

For instance, I have this picture right in front of my bed.

It’s about a long road leading towards a mountain.

Best of all, it’s also black and white.

How does this help me?

As soon as I wake up, I look at this picture.

Dark, gloomy, treacherous.

This is how your day feels like as an entrepreneur.

I look at it as if I have to climb this mountain today.

And at the end of the day, I’ll see my self driving away from that mountain and being picked up to go back home for the day and rest up for another mountain tomorrow.

Tying this back in with the short and long note analogy,

It’s important to remind yourself daily of your mission.

Otherwise, your reptilian brain will take over and make everything seem uncomfortable.

By using mental gimmicks, you can train your reptilian brain to normalize these tough situations.

It will take time but it will pay off.

As an entrepreneur building your empire, a faulty mindset will be your biggest expense.

Hope this resonated :)

Here’s a picture of the canvas in my room:

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Sam Spijkerman

After working with successful agents in the Hamptons NY during his bachelor's degree in Business Analytics, Sam has learned a lot about real estate marketing and was able to observe all the marketing methods out there. After years of testing, Sam has developed a system that could not only replace most lead generation companies but also give you prospects that are interested in the services that you provide as a real estate agent. After Sam got his bachelor's degree in BA, his only focus for the company and his agents were creating long-lasting relationships, building more business, maximizing backend referrals, and not just provide lead generation.

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