Our Story

Sam Spijkerman


After working with successful agents in the Hamptons NY during his bachelor's degree in Business Analytics, Sam has learned a lot about real estate marketing and was able to observe all the marketing methods out there. After years of testing, Sam has developed a system that could not only replace most lead generation companies but also give you prospects that are interested in the services that you provide as a real estate agent. After Sam got his bachelor's degree in BA, his only focus for the company and his agents were creating long-lasting relationships, building more business, maximizing backend referrals, and not just provide lead generation.

Phase 1:

Done-For-You Lead Generation

After working with the industry for several years, we have found that lead generation is not the biggest problem for real estate agents but yielding the good leads out and seeing who's real without wasting time. Most companies would just hand over leads and expect the real estate agents to close with as a result: leads that ghost you and never answer their phone.

We yield those people out so you only get to talk with people that are actually interested in your services instead of you going after people that may not be interested in you nor your services.

Phase 2:

The Agent Accelerator

The best method for closing.

The Agent Accelerator includes everything from phase one and more. After working as a Done-For-You Lead Generation service, we have studied what the most common problems are that real estate agents are dealing with on a daily basis with such services. As an addition, we then brought on weekly coaching calls to help agents convert their leads into even more booked appointments than we were already booking for them with ease. As a result, our clients have had great success and are part of a great private community of other agents in which they can network and grow together.

We also have a course on the backend (don't worry, we are not selling a course) that helps our agents even more on booking appointments and closing more by showcasing recorded phone calls, proven scripts and processes on how to run our campaigns yourself eventually. Some agents like to learn how to do that so they are more in control of their marketing dollars so we decided to throw that in.

Together with us running the ads for you, having weekly workshop sessions, the community, the training portal and software, we can say that this is your best shot at closing deals with predictability.

The Community & Support like no other

One on One Expert Sessions

We conduct one on one sessions where we create a custom plan for you to scale to multiple 6 or 7 figures a year. These calls will be offered to ensure that you will have a positive experience in our program. Speak with entrepreneurs who are doing those number and who can apply the same principles to scale your real estate business.

Private Agent Community

You will have access to our private agent community in which some of our most successful agents in our program share the most up to date tactics that are helping their businesses scale to the next level. The purpose of this group is to scale together, create network opportunities and the support.

Weekly Workshop Calls

We host weekly coaching calls where we can have a better look at how you perform by diving into your sales process. You will also be able to have a look at the performance of other agents at the same time! All calls are recorded. These calls will make sure that you are executing on the right things in your business and staying on track.

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