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September 06, 20223 min read


That is what the agents are getting inside our Samwhere Online Program.

In fact, we're so confident in our processes that we've attached screenshots of CURRENT agents inside our program to show you our success rate.

No more paying thousands monthly to lead companies who trap you in long term contracts.

No more cold calling online leads your brokerage provides.

Let us remove the unpredictability from your business and help you scale.

But one thing: Our program costs money.

Seems obvious no?

Well we speak to hundreds of agents monthly, all of whom WANT to grow their business.

But in order to grow a business, one must invest.

Funny enough, we get agents thinking our program is free.

What's our reaction: "bye".

The reason being is because our case studies and testimonials don't lie.

They are true genuine case studies from agents all across North America.

Now is our program cheap?

Yes It is. But only if you look at the cost of not doing it.

The fact is that many agents are too scared to invest into their business and the result is:

More door knocking.

More cold calling.

More exhausting the database.

And overall, more time INSIDE the business.

After all, time is money right?

The most successful agents operate as CEO's.

It's a fact.

Teams built around them,

systems and processes for new client generation,

and less time inside their business.

But getting to that point requires consistent opportunities.

Most agents want to build a team and escape the "realtor ratrace" but sadly,

most never will.

And writing this email, I am going to say things that may MAKE PEOPLE UNCOMFORTABLE.

And it's not to make anybody feel bad or make myself feel good but if you've been in business for

over 10 years and are still not making 20-30k per month, there is something very wrong.

Now writing this, I come from a spot in which I've scaled many companies to multiple 6 figures a year including my own.

I know as someone who practices what they preach, once a concept is proven (You can help your clients out) its all about scaling. Now how do you scale?

Two ways:

1. Organically/ traditionally.

This still works but takes years before real traction is set and even then, referrals can be great but highly unpredictable. That being said, this is still recommended to not neglect.

2. Social Media

And no, it's not just a bunch of Facebook leads because lets face it, that's not your issue. It's never the leads. It's always the sales process.

This method takes some longer to figure out in terms of conversion but once conversion numbers are constant, it's scaling to the point where there will be so many opportunities you will NEED a team.


If you want to gain traction and be ahead of the curve once the pandemic clears up, it is highly recommended you are building your pipeline right now.

Schedule a call with our team below:

PS: The link may not work so be sure to refresh the page. We get so many applications sometimes the website is well...a little overwhelmed😅

Join the many agents who have seen results inside our programs:

There's so many more I wish I could share 🙁

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Sam Spijkerman

After working with successful agents in the Hamptons NY during his bachelor's degree in Business Analytics, Sam has learned a lot about real estate marketing and was able to observe all the marketing methods out there. After years of testing, Sam has developed a system that could not only replace most lead generation companies but also give you prospects that are interested in the services that you provide as a real estate agent. After Sam got his bachelor's degree in BA, his only focus for the company and his agents were creating long-lasting relationships, building more business, maximizing backend referrals, and not just provide lead generation.

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